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Body Shop

When it comes to Austin collision repair, Hi-Tech Automotive is the place to take your vehicle. We want to be your Austin paint & body shop.


We work with your insurance company to take the hassle out of your repair.


If your insurance company sends you to another body shop for an estimate, get their estimate and bring it to us. We will work directly with their estimate. If you have an estimate from an insurance adjuster, bring that to us as well. Remember: you choose the body shop to repair your vehicle - your insurance company doesn't make that decision.


Drop your car off at your convenience. To avoid being without your vehicle over the weekend, it may be more convenient to bring it in on Monday morning. The vast majority of vehicles will be completed and returned to you before Friday afternoon (the main exception being those with major collision damage).


If you are in an accident and your vehicle needs towing, The Austin police will assign a towing service to tow your vehicle. Unless you specify where you want them to tow your car, they will take it to their storage facility. Once there, you will begin to incur storage fees; and you will have to pay a SECOND tow fee to get your car to a repair shop. Those fees can add up quickly. To avoid fees, have your car towed directly to us. If your vehicle is repaired at our shop, we will not charge you any storage fees while it is on our lot.